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ISI WSC 2019 And How It Inspire Me

adib adib Follow Jan 05, 2020 · 2 mins read
ISI WSC 2019 And How It Inspire Me
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The 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress (WSC) will be hosted by the collaboration between Department of Statistics, Central Bank Malaysia (BNM), Malaysia Institute of Statistics and International Statistical Institute. This biennial programme will be held on 18th until 23rd August 2019 at KLCC Convention Center. The kickoff of ISI WSC is World Stats Run 2019 on 18th August 2019 at Dataran Merdeka. ISI WSC is expecting 2500 delegates from over 130 countries and there will be 1300 papers to be presented during the congress. Before the main congress started, there will be short courses that will be held at Sasana Kijang, BNM.

For Malaysia, it is an honour for our country to organise this prestigious event aligned with the vision of Department of Statistics Malaysia, that is to become a leading statistical organisation internationally by 2020. For me as a statistician, I am proud to be part of the organisation that making their name internationally. This also shows that Malaysia especially Department of Statistics Malaysia has been recognized by the world and international bodies. As part of Department of Statistics Malaysia, WSC inspired me to be a world class statistician. To be a world class statistician, I must equipped myself with new skillset of data scientist. Full of curiosity, well-versed in programming language, able to communicate and interact with the team, and always looking for improvement.

walking Curiosity can be equipped by doing a lot of reading, compliment by endlessly looking for new knowledges. Programming language is the new skillset that new generation of statistician must have. Programming languages and softwares like R, SAS, Python and SPSS are the platforms to make statistician job better, provide more accurate and reliable data and provide better insight. Eventhough statistician work a lot with data and numbers, it does not mean that statistician can work in silo.

Interaction and communication between human is important for statistician to understand the data and to deliver our insight and our understanding as statistician to the public. These skills help public to use our data better thus helping them to make better decision and solve problems efficiently. The way we can improve ourselves are to seek feedback and accepting it. Learn to accept feedbacks and give constructive comment to others. Indirectly, this will make people in our surrounding to work better and always make improvement.

Better data, better lives..

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Written by adib Follow
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