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How to Write a Statistical Story

Writer should write a story by think in terms of issues or themes and need to find meaning in the statistics. Writer must be aware that technical report is not a story, nor is there a...

In article, NEXTGen, Feb 26, 2020

Centralised vs Decentralised Statistical System

Statistical systems are described as either centralised or decentralised depending on the extent to which responsibility for delivering official statistics across the range of governm...

In Article, Dialog, Jan 05, 2020

ISI WSC 2019 And How It Inspire Me

The 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress (WSC) will be hosted by the collaboration between Department of Statistics, Central Bank Malaysia (BNM), Malaysia Institute of Statistics and In...

In Article, Dialog, Jan 05, 2020

Summary: Guidelines on eData Collection

There are several challenges that we need to face when conducting the population and housing census are falling participation rate, increase the data collection costs, declining in ...

In Article, Jan 03, 2020