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What are the most business friendly, balance stability and expense countries?.

In Article, May 27, 2021

COVID-19: Malaysia Census 2020 rescheduled

The population and housing data is very important for the government to formulate policies for the well-being of the nation. This is to ensure that every plan meets the needs of the t...

In Article, Oct 12, 2020

2-MINUTES Survei Ringkas - Manfaat Berpuasa

Sempena kedatangan bulan puasa ini team UKK@DOSM memperkenalkan satu platform bagi mengkaji kebaikan berpuasa di kalangan penduduk di Malaysia. Survei ini ingin melihat keberkesanan m...

In Study, Apr 23, 2020

Data COVID-19 Bukan Hanya Sekadar Angka

Menurut Dr. Ellie Murray, Penolong Profesor Epidemiologi di Boston University School of Public Health, mengapa data mengenai COVID-19 dan pandemik lain begitu rumit, dan apa yang per...

In article, Apr 22, 2020

Understanding - The Basics of Geolocation

All modern smartphones equipped with Global Positioning System chip inside. GPS uses the information about location and timing that satellites send from space. Having an app that uses...

In article, NextGen, Apr 03, 2020

MCO: Average Price of Selected Food Items

Dashboard Average Price of Selected Food Items during the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia.

In article, covid-19, Mar 25, 2020

Malaysia: Statistics COVID-19 by State

Dashboard Semasa Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) di Malaysia.

In article, covid-19, Mar 24, 2020

The cities go to sleep: CoViD-19 in Malaysia

From East to West, cities feel the impact of the Covid-19 virus, as governments around the world take drastic measures to keep people indoors.

In article, Mar 20, 2020

Are you ready for Open Data?

Data is the lowest level of raw material from which information and knowledge can be derived. DIKW as one of several ways to define, illustrate and explain the various forms of data, ...

In article, NextGen, Mar 02, 2020

OPR-cut 2020 in Economic Recovery

The overnight policy rate (OPR), Apakah OPR?OPR adalah kadar faedah di mana bank meminjamkan ke bank lain, yang ditetapkan oleh BNM. Kadar ini memberi kesan kepada pekerjaan negara, p...

In article, dialog, Feb 25, 2020

Geocoding Multiple Addresses:Parks in Putrajaya-Cyberjaya

Geocoding is the process of converting addresses actual locations (like “Cyberjaya Lake Gardens Persiaran Semarak Api, Cyber 4, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia”) into geographic c...

In NextGen, Tutorial, Feb 13, 2020

Are BREXIT matters to Malaysia?

It’s official – Britain votes to leave the EU. London, Scotland, and Northern Ireland stood clearly in the Remain camp, while the rest of England and Wales, Italy, France, Holland and...

In Article, Dialog, Feb 03, 2020

Coronavirus: How worried should Malaysian are?

The fast-spreading infection, a new respiratory virus first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan has infected. Wuhan - which has a population of 11 million people - has gone into loc...

In article, coronavirus, Jan 28, 2020

An overture to Malaysia's Leading Index

What’s Next for Malaysia’s Economy? A look ahead after a year when the economy seemed to be in a state of suspension. IS THIS a best time for your company to expand? Or for you to spl...

In article, mbcc, Jan 26, 2020

Database Setup: Open & Closed Source Software?

It is recommended that the organization to ask, “What is the value I want to get from my information, and what is the right tool for that job?”. The decision will depend on budget, si...

In Article, NEXTGen, Jan 05, 2020

62nd ISI-World Statistics Congress 2019

All those who contributed to the congress: Thank you for all your excellent work!

In Article, Dialog, Jan 04, 2020

The Skills That Matter for Statistician

Data berada di mana-mana tidak kira sektor awam, sektor swasta, bidang perniagaan mahupun dalam kehidupan seharian. Ini bermakna data, keperluan aplikasi dan analisis data tersebut me...

In NEXTGen, Dialog, Jan 03, 2020

How Statistics Matter in Daily Life

Daily Steps Counting to Stay FitAre you counting your daily steps? Are 5,000 enough for you — or maybe too many? According to Mayo Clinic, walking can help improve your health and fig...

In Article, tutorial, Jan 02, 2020

AI-based Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology have a high potential to establish instant response conversation online. This may help DOSM to introduce the new features DOSM disseminate stat...

In NEXTGen, Jan 02, 2020