Malaysia : Census 2020

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Malaysia : Census 2020
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Census 2020 is the 6th census since the establishment of Malaysia in 1963 and the latest census had been carried out in 2010. The implementation of census involves all the residents residing in Malaysia for a period of six months and longer in year 2020 and it is subjected to the Census Act 1960 (revised 1969) to ensure the data confidentiality and individual information that have been collected from the respondents.

Population and Housing Census 2020

Population and Housing Census 2020 is a census purposely to count the number of citizens and households according to characteristics such as demography, social and economy.

Why is the data collected from Census 2020 important and needed? Data from Census 2020 can help the government in allocating public funds fairly at federal and state level especially in the areas of education, public health, enforcement of law and public transport infrastructure.

The most important thing is data from Census 2020 will be used as an input to monitor the progress of Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 and evaluate its achievements. Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 is a 10-year goal to transform Malaysia into a country where the development is sustainable along with fair, just and inclusive economic allocation in all levels.

Come with us and let’s participate in the Census 2020 on 7th July 2020 for our prosperity and future together.

Your Data, Our Future!

[credit to : Joyce BIP & Aseken BPHPP ]

Parodi Pengumuman Hari Banci 2020

Setiap tahun, semua orang menantikan pengumuman raya. Tetapi jangan lupa, kita juga menantikan detik dan saatnya tiba Hari Banci 2020. Ianya akan mengenalpasti saiz, taburan, komposisi dan ciri sosio-ekonomi penduduk serta perumahan di Malaysia.

Selamat menyambut Hari Banci 2020 bagi seluruh negeri-negeri di Malaysia daripada kami warga Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia.

Lagu: Jalil Hamid - Lagu Raya versi Brass Band KD Pelandok TLDM

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