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CD 4.0 - Enabling Countries To Navigate The New Data Ecosystem

azmi azmi Follow Mar 12, 2020 · 3 mins read
CD 4.0 - Enabling Countries To Navigate The New Data Ecosystem
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The Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century, or PARIS21 introduced Capacity Development 4.0 in 2016.

What is Capacity Development 4.0?

CD4.0 is the process through which a country’s national statistical system, its organisations and individuals obtain, strengthen and maintain their abilities to collect, produce, analyse and disseminate high-quality data to meet users’ needs.

The Capacity Development 4.0 (CD4.0) approach calls for fundamental reforms in development co-operation, both in substance and process, in support of statistical capacity. Drawing from lessons learned from the past and responding to the expressed priorities of the NSSs across the world, CD4.0 proposes a systematic approach to addressing countries’ needs for statistical capacity.

Why Capacity Development 4.0?

While the spread of technology has allowed some national statistical systems to drastically improve their capacities, many developing countries still struggle to benefit from the dramatic changes in the field of data and statistics. More than 110 countries are still unable to provide an official account of the number of births and causes of death of their population. Without such basic information, planning for services such as health and education becomes virtually impossible.

For many years, partners focused on the production side of statistics – providing financial and technical support for census and household surveys. However, more needs to be done to encourage data use for policymaking.

Several factors affect a country’s ability to succeed in benefiting from the new data ecosystem. To operate effectively and efficiently, the national statistical system needs to have the authority, legitimacy and capacity to produce statistics and engage with policymakers and the public at large.

Updated capacities for the new data ecosystem

The data ecosystem is evolving, with new actors producing a wealth of data and information on a wider range of areas than ever before. This landscape requires national statistical systems to be closer to users, in order to guide them in interpreting statistics and identifying reliable sources of data.

In the past, statistical capacity programmes have focused on providing technical assistance and resources, without developing system-wide capabilities. Going forward, national statistical systems will need to improve their:

Co-ordination: Management: Communication:
71% of national statistical offices (NSOs) desire better co-ordination with providers of administrative data 67% of national statistical offices want to improve their human resource management systems 43% of countries wish to increase their communication with users

The CD4.0 Framework focuses on the capabilities needed by National Statistical Systems to meet user needs across three levels and five target areas.

3 Levels


5 Targets

5targets-01 5targets-02


Leadership training

PARIS21 has conducted leadership training workshops since 2015 to improve and strengthen the capabilities within national statistical offices. Participants are encouraged to learn from peers by sharing experiences and challenges in leading and managing statistical operations within the national statistical system.

Data user outreach

Since 2014, PARIS21 has brought together statisticians and journalists with the objective of encouraging data use. These workshops allow statisticians to improve their communication and data storytelling skills, while also improving the statistical literacy of journalists. Human resource management

In 2017, PARIS21 co-organised a joint human resource management workshop with AFRISTAT and Statistics Canada. This workshop aimed at understanding the modalities of human resource management, such as training plans, HR strategies, performance culture and workplace mobility.


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