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62nd ISI-World Statistics Congress 2019

All those who contributed to the congress: Thank you for all your excellent work!

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Why Statistics Are Important

Why statistics are important in our life? Statistics are the sets of mathematical equations that we used to analyze the things. It keeps us informed about, what is happening in the wo...

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Hari Statistik Negara

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) telah mengisytiharkan Hari Statistik Sedunia disambut pada 20 Oktober 2010. Seterusnya, Hari Statistik Sedunia Kedua disambut pada 20 Oktober 20...

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Summary: Guidelines on eData Collection

There are several challenges that we need to face when conducting the population and housing census are falling participation rate, increase the data collection costs, declining in ...

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The Skills That Matter for Statistician

Data berada di mana-mana tidak kira sektor awam, sektor swasta, bidang perniagaan mahupun dalam kehidupan seharian. Ini bermakna data, keperluan aplikasi dan analisis data tersebut me...

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How Statistics Matter in Daily Life

Daily Steps Counting to Stay FitAre you counting your daily steps? Are 5,000 enough for you — or maybe too many? According to Mayo Clinic, walking can help improve your health and fig...

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Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organisations (GAMSO)

GAMSO merupakan satu model yang menerangkan dan mentakrifkan aktiviti yang berlaku dalam organisasi statistik biasa. Ia meluas dan melengkapi Generic Statistical Business Process Mode...

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AI-based Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology have a high potential to establish instant response conversation online. This may help DOSM to introduce the new features DOSM disseminate stat...

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Stats Hydrology

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Statistics Uses Numerical Evidence to Draw Valid Conclusions

Statistics are not just numbers and facts. You know, things like 4 out of 5 dentists prefer a specific toothpaste. Instead, it’s an array of knowledge and procedures that allow you to...

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