Summary: Guidelines on eData Collection

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Summary: Guidelines on eData Collection
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There are several challenges that we need to face when conducting the population and housing census are falling participation rate, increase the data collection costs, declining in response rates as citizens become increasingly concerned about information security and privacy and the confidentiality of information given to the government, the households are becoming more diverse, dynamic and mobile, making it a challenge to reach people and assign them to a single unique location.

Due to these challenges, there’s a need to have alternative ways when conducting the census where we need to modernise and transform the traditional method of conducting a census, where we allow new approaches of the data collection using handheld electronic devices and the internet.

Adoption of Electronic Data Collection Technologies

There are many drivers for the adoption of electronic data collection technologies in censuses. Widely recognised key drivers include:

  • Demand for improving census coverage;
  • Demand for improving the quality of data collected for each person or housing unit (improving item response);
  • Demand for timely dissemination of data;
  • Demand for minimizing burden on respondents;
  • Vision for modernisation of national statistical offices and paperless data collection.

As with the adoption of any new technology, understanding of the value of electronic data collection technologies is a critical step in making an informed decision on whether or not to use these technologies in censuses. As the introduction of these technologies can be an expensive and risky exercise, it is important for any country to ensure that there is sufficient value in its introduction in a census by taking into account the particular national circumstances.

The Guidelines is expected to help countries in achieving an improved understanding of the process of adopting electronic data collection technologies in conducting population and housing census. The Guidelines underlines the importance of ensuring the cost- effectiveness of the selected technology and maximizing the benefits derived from this investment.

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